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Summer 2014 Team Training is almost here!

June 6, 2014

There is definitely an air of excitement around CPL these days. Saturday night is the welcoming reception for a new class of CPL service dog teams. For three weeks these new partners will get to know one another, learn the ins and outs of living 24/7 with a service dog and begin building  a strong foundation of trust and love.

The changes from day to day as these partnerships deepen and grow is remarkably powerful to see. The phrase ‘life-changing’ can sometimes be overused and overstated…not in this case. CPL service doogs absolutely change the lives of their human partners — improving their sense of independence and freedom. They provide  a way to live life more fully, to enable the pursuit of personal and professional dreams and opportunities. As our graduates put it, having a CPL service dog by your side means never feeling alone, and always having a sense of being loved and supported.