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Two Released Dogs Available for Adoption

August 10, 2015

UPDATEDanny and Samba have both been adopted. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest! To be considered for future released dogs from Canine Partners for Life, please contact Donna Baker at or 610–869-4902, ext 229 and she will be glad to explain our application process.


Canine Partners for Life currently has two dogs who have been released from our program and are available for adoption. (Released dogs are those that for either health or behavioral reasons have been determined unsuitable as future service dogs but will make wonderful family pets.) Here’s some information on each of these dogs – if you or someone you know would be potentially interested in adopting them, contact Donna Baker at or 610–869-4902, ext. 229.

DANNY – male, yellow Lab, 22 months old. Released due to Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), a medical condition that affects the dog’s ability to absorb nutrients from their food. Danny’s EPI is well controlled with medication (pills that are mixed in with his food). He will need to stay on the medication for life and cost is estimated at $60.00 per month. He has no activity restrictions due to his condition and he is a very lively, high-energy, fun-loving dog! Danny LOVES tennis balls and will chase them as long as you will throw them. He is housebroken, crate trained, very smart, and knows all his basic obedience commands. He will need continued reinforcement of his obedience and house manners, with an emphasis on good leash walking skills and prevention of jumping. Danny gets along well with other dogs and has no known issues with cats. Due to his exuberance, he would be best in a home with older children or no children. He’s a happy, upbeat guy who’s anxious to meet his new family!

Danny 8-25-14 #2


SAMBA – male, yellow Lab, 18 months old. Released due to general lack of confidence and difficulty getting along with some dogs. Samba is a very handsome, athletic, smaller guy who loves people but can be selective about other dogs. He does better with female dogs so he could either be placed with a canine sister or as an only dog. He’s a friendly, affectionate dog and while he will need lots of opportunities for daily exercise, he does settle nicely and will rest quietly on a mat or bed when needed. In his puppy home, he often accompanied his puppy raiser to work in a retail gallery and did well there. Samba is housebroken, crate trained, and knows all his basic obedience commands, though ongoing refreshers will be important. He rides well in the car, enjoys playing with balls and Kong toys, and has no known health issues. Samba will be a very loyal, loving companion for the family or individual who adopts him.