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Congratulations to our Fall Graduates!

November 14, 2016

The CPL family grew by ten! On Sunday, November 6, nine full service teams and one home companion team graduated from CPL! We also celebrated the accomplishments of Alice, who started her career as a demonstration dog, and Aspen, who had her first litter of puppies and is now an official breeder for CPL.

As our new teams return home, they are eager to begin living a more independent and fulfilling life. To these teams, independence means walking to the library on your own. It means cooking dinner for your husband without asking for help when you drop an ingredient. Independence means working a full day without needing an aide to accompany you. All of these goals will soon become a reality thanks to the help of their new canine partners.

Our Fall 2016 Team Training was sponsored in part by a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant. A special thank you to all of our supporters who helped make these partnerships possible!