2017 Calendar Contest (Dogs In Training)

The CPL calendar is back!

In 2018, CPL will be bringing back our ever-popular wall calendar, highlighting our mission and graduate stories that inspire us every day, and YOU get to decide who is featured. In partnership with our #GivingTuesday campaign on November 28, the CPL community will be invited to choose which graduates and dogs to feature in our 2018 calendar. Make a gift to CPL on #GivingTuesday and you will receive a link to vote for your favorite contestants. Contest results will be updated throughout the day on #GivingTuesday and winners will be announced after 5p on Wednesday, November 29.

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Dogs in Training Contestants, listed in alphabetical order:

(Top two dogs in training will be featured on the calendar.)

Bosco 11.14.17

Bosco – “The Muscle Man”

Tresi – “Smart”

Benson 2017-11-7 i

Benson – “The Old Soul”

Nate – “Handsome”

Joi 11.14.17

Joi – “Cutie”