Calendar Contest

The CPL calendar is back!

The CPL calendar highlights our mission and shares graduate stories that inspire us every day and YOU get to decide who is featured. In partnership with our #GivingTuesday campaign on November 27, the CPL community will be invited to choose which graduates and dogs to feature in our 2019 calendar. Make a gift to CPL on #GivingTuesday and you will receive a link to vote for your favorite contestants. Contest results will be updated throughout the day on #GivingTuesday and winners will be announced after 12pm on Wednesday, November 28.

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Full-Service Teams: (top 6 will be featured in the calendar) 

Hunter & Argos
Class of Summer 2014
“Argos made it possible for me to have “normal” high school years due to his alerts.”

Cindy & Sugar
Class of Summer 2013
“Sugar is the “icing” to my life. She fills all the nooks and crevices that are necessary to keep working and be an active person.”

Michele & Balick
Class of Summer 2015
“I applied for a service dog to try to regain some independence and get back to a somewhat normal life. I got so much more than that! Because of Balick’s medical alerts, help with daily tasks, and just continually keeping me active and helping me get stronger, what I got was a caretaker and partner.”

Kaggie & Denver
Class of Fall 2017
“It baffles me on a daily basis that in just one year, Denver has brought back the “me” I once thought I had lost.”

Molly & Denali
Class of Summer 2018
“With Denali, I have a partner who makes me smile, gives me safety, and freedom. I am now able to be alone, travel, and drive for the first time in over three years!”

Monsignor & Bingo
Class of Summer 2018
“Bingo’s personality is infectious and I cannot begin to tell you how many times a day she makes me laugh! She has helped to minimize risks I have taken in the past, which has been a tremendous benefit to my health.”

Carolyn & Cherry
Class of Summer 2015
“Since graduating in 2015 with Cherry, my life is so much different and I actually enjoy life now. I got a brand new chance at life!”

Nicole & Cole
Class of Summer 2016
“With Cole, I was able to fly across the country alone for the first time in my life! I became a mother with him by my side. I went to Disney World for the first time ever with Cole! He definitely gives me a reason to stay my feisty self.”

Home Companion Teams: (top 3 will be featured in the calendar) 

Leo & Gift
Class of Fall 2017
“Gift helps Leo sleep and loves physical contact as much as Leo does! She has been a true “Gift” for Leo.”

Lehigh County Courthouse & Ramona
Class of Fall 2017
“To sit and feel Ramona’s love and affection is to feel pure joy. Ramona works tirelessly to fill an emptiness in all of us that we didn’t know we had and she certainly makes our lives whole.”

Montgomery County Courthouse & Turks
Class of Fall 2014
“Turks is changing the public’s perception of the criminal justice system in Montgomery County, and making the legal process just a little bit easier for victims of crime.”

Joyce & Nana
Class of Summer 2018
“Nana is so good. We take walks every day and go to the park. She loves to ride in the car and play ball. I love her very much. She is my life. I am so
glad to have her.”

Jordan & Fidget
Class of Summer 2017
“Having Fidget has been an amazing experience. Jordan has become so responsible! Every day Jordan feeds and walks Fidget before and after school. He just loves having his friend following him from room to room and laying on his feet wherever he goes.”

Dogs in Training: (top 3 will be featured in the calendar)