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Rebecca and Service Dog Yankee

Rebecca and Yankee

Following surgery for esophageal cancer in 2011, Becky has experienced frequent episodes of unconsciousness. Yankee is a black and white mixed breed dog adopted from the Delaware Humane Association. He will assist Becky by alerting her to upcoming episodes of syncope (fainting), getting help when needed in the house, retrieving items, and providing support when walking. Becky and Yankee just seem to fit together. As a Marine, Becky has no problem using her voice in a powerful way to communicate. Yet with Yankee, she doesn’t have to, as he seems to intuit her needs quickly and responsively. Becky splits her time between Arizona and Michigan, so Yankee will be getting a lot of travel time. He is already living the good life with Becky as evidenced by  the CPL Team Training field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. There he was in a bright, spanking new winter coat the bright color of which matched Becky’s shoe laces. Becky knows Yankee will always have her back, taking care of her and keeping her safe.