Recipient Stories

  1. Sarah and Rosebud

    Sarah realized after dealing with a diagnosis of Epilepsy and the resulting seizures, that there was an organization in her backyard that could help.  CPL! When you’re a college student, … Continue

  2. Lucille and Nicole

    When Lucille submitted her application for a home companion dog, the very first sentence in her essay read, “It’s hard to write about the joy one gets when being in … Continue

  3. Jeffrey and Scoutie*

    Jeffrey applied to CPL for a successor dog after his first home companion dog Mitzi passed away.  Jeffrey and Mitzi shared 9 wonderful years together but without a dog in … Continue

  4. Makena and Carpenter

    At the time of Makena’s interview, she told us that she wanted: a dog that she could train and teach tricks, a dog that she could personally care for – … Continue

  5. Courtney and Zido

    Courtney’s a busy young woman with two jobs; one as a barista and one as an interviewer of WWII veterans for the WWII veterans memorial –- and that’s on top … Continue

  6. Heather and Banditt

    Heather came to us from a small beach town in North Carolina.  Pain and fatigue issues make traveling out into the world a difficult process and so over the years … Continue

  7. Jackie and Wallace

    Jackie was described by one of CPL’s staff as the most positive, enthusiastic, and gracious student of all time.  Another commented that every time she saw Jackie she was literally … Continue

  8. Linda and Michael*

    Linda returned to CPL for her second service dog, Michael, when Roxy, her CPL partner of 11 years began to slow down. Initially she had thought perhaps that she would just enjoy Roxy’s retirement … Continue

  9. Nikki and Magic*

    Nikki returned to CPL for her third service dog during Team Training Fall 2014.  She had long relationships with both her previous CPL service dogs, Ursus and Garver and entered … Continue

  10. Lukah and Jasper

    Lukah was the youngest student in CPL’s Fall Team Training 2014. She had also come the furthest having traveled from Illinois to be partnered with her new service dog Jasper. She and … Continue

  11. Lori and Echo*

    The fact that Lori received her third service dog from Canine Partners for Life in Fall Team Training 2014 was nothing short of a miracle.  The previous year had been a scary one … Continue

  12. Carla and Uncle Ed*

    Carla returned to CPL for a successor dog during Fall Team Training 2014, when her first service dog Bonz let her know that it was time for him to retire. They … Continue

  13. Gina and Muzzy

    Gina came to CPL with the myriad of physical challenges, ranging from seizures to dizzy spells, balance problems, fatigue and pain. Luckily she found CPL (and Muzzy). When you work … Continue

  14. John and Sheeba

    John is the first student to go through CPL’s Diabetes Alert Dog pilot program. He’s had type I diabetes for 60 years, and has lost the ability to recognize when … Continue

  15. Jeffrey and Garnet

    Jeffrey comes to us from Philadelphia, where he lives in his own apartment. Initially he was serious and quiet, but gradually, over the course of the three-week Team Training, we began … Continue

  16. Lorelei and Wilcox

    Lorelei came to us smiling, hopeful, but also nervous and concerned that she might not be able to do all that is required during Team Training. However, she amazed herself and her … Continue

  17. Hunter and Argos

    Hunter is the youngest student we’ve had at CPL for quite a while. Like Danielle, he hails from Georgia. At the welcome dinner, Hunter sat on the floor getting to … Continue

  18. Samantha and Stephen

    The decision to retire a service dog is never an easy one. But, after a long and wonderful partnership with her CPL service dog, Ivy, Samantha decide it was time for … Continue

  19. Tanya and Regina

    Tanya lost her first CPL service dog, Elsie, fairly suddenly last winter. The months since then have been long, painful and lonely. At CPL we shared her grief and were … Continue

  20. Hannah and Saffron

    Hannah came to us very clear with her goals. She wanted to complete her dietitian’s degree at West Chester University and she was going to need help to get around … Continue

  21. Krystaleve and Junior

    This is Krystaleve’s third Team Training at CPL-she had beautiful partnerships with both Chester and Rikki and knows the importance of being part of a team. Although she has enjoyed the independence … Continue

  22. Danielle and Rollo

    As CPL’s first student with narcolepsy and cataplexy, Danielle realized that we would be learning as much from her as she was from us. Danielle came into Team Training wearing … Continue

  23. Rebecca and Yankee

    Rebecca and Service Dog Yankee

    Following surgery for esophageal cancer in 2011, Becky has experienced frequent episodes of unconsciousness. Yankee is a black and white mixed breed dog adopted from the Delaware Humane Association. He … Continue

  24. Sharon and Garni

    Sharon was partnered with her first CPL service dog, C.W., in 2008. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, C.W. has retired (he will be staying on as Sharon’s beloved personal pet). As … Continue

  25. Karley and Kaiser

    Karley is 17 and lives  in Lancaster PA. She has been diagnosed with the disorder which causes her joints to dislocate frequently. Karley enjoys reading and spending time with animals. Kaiser … Continue

  26. Cody & Claire

    Cody and Service Dog Clare

    Cody attends high school in Chester County, PA. He uses  a power wheelchair to get around. Cody loves animals and spending time outdoors. However he has very limited use of his … Continue

  27. Kristopher and Gus

    Gus is a big black Labrador with a very sweet and playful nature which makes him a perfect fit for Kris. Kris lives in upstate New York. He  enjoys spending … Continue

  28. Deanie and Carlos

    Deanie & Service Dog Carlos

    Deanie lives in West Chester, PA. She has experienced loss of balance and also has a history of seizures. In the past, she had trained her own seizure alert dog, but … Continue

  29. Hannah and Delilah

    Hannah is 20 years old, lives in Maryland and attends college in Illinois. She experiences frequent periods of unconsciousness. Delilah is a white and black mixed breed rescued from the … Continue

  30. Toni and Bud

    Toni was no rookie when she came to CPL. In fact she knew us well having been the support person for CPL graduates Sharon and CW throughout their team training … Continue

  31. Jennifer and Smidget

    All CPL teams are amazing in their quest for independence, but every now and then a team comes along that is so inspirational that you just have to say WOW! … Continue

  32. Noelia and Tilly

    Noelia came to team training looking a bit nervous, but what started out as tentative and cautious soon blossomed into confident and happy. During the first few days when Tilly … Continue

  33. Krystal and Teddie

    The CPL trainers’ notes about Krystal are like a mantra, mentioning over and over again, how she is great at using praise to motivate and encourage her dog, Teddie. The … Continue

  34. Cindy and Sugar

    Cindy returned to CPL for a successor dog when her longtime CPL service dog Monty let her know it was time for him to retire. Cindy’s life had truly been … Continue

  35. Brianna and Sheila

    Brianna was partnered with the only non-lab in the group, Sheila. As they worked those first few days to build a strong bond, Brianna enjoyed grooming Sheila and making sure … Continue

  36. April and Dale

    April, from West Virginia, kept everyone laughing with her great sense of humor. Her new partner Dale has a sense of humor too. They bonded strongly – April has good … Continue

  37. Wayne and Jobie

    When you’re as tall as Wayne and you want a dog to help you off the floor and to help you walk a bit, then you’d better have a big … Continue

  38. Kortney and Corkey II

    This will be the only team to travel on a plane to get home and, hailing from Texas, they win the “furthest team from CPL” award for this class. Kortney … Continue

  39. Alison and Wynn

    When Rivendell, Alison’s second CPL service dog, was no longer able to keep up with Alison’s changing and increasing needs we began to look for a successor dog for her. … Continue

  40. Carin and Raker

    Carin and her parents came to CPL looking for a dog that would be Carin’s best friend and give her companionship. Her social world is small and her instinct to … Continue

  41. Jack and Jobin

    Jobin, a large gentle lab was selected to be Jack’s canine partner. They are enjoying each other’s company and especially love playing ball together in the back yard. We understand … Continue

  42. Anna and L.G.

    When Anna’s first CPL home companion dog Baylee passed away, it took time for Anna to heal and be ready for another partner. There was “no special friend” to be … Continue

  43. Zachary and Star II

    From the very beginning, it is easy to see that Zach has a great sense of humor, and a smile and twinkle in his eye that is non-stop. Star II … Continue

  44. Kate and Leslie

    Kate applied to CPL for a successor home companion after her first home companion passed away.  We matched her with Leslie, a cute little black lab.  They both love the … Continue

  45. Marjorie and Julie

    When Marge came for her interview she told us she loved dogs and found that petting a dog was a calming influence. Since being partnered with Julie, Marge has experienced … Continue

  46. Darlene and Cal

    CPL’s Executive Director and Founder, Darlene Sullivan, found herself in a tragic and unexpected place when her service dog, Ripley, passed away very quickly. At the same time she was dealing with that terrible … Continue

  47. Damian and Terry

    We are proud of every CPL graduate – of every person who is determined to change their lives for the better with the help of a CPL dog. But, every now and then … Continue

  48. Grace and Beverly

    When Grace arrived for the first night’s dinner she was practically leaping out of her wheelchair in excitement! T he smile on her face was infectious and she entered team training with an … Continue

  49. Emily and Sundance

    Emily was a twelve year old avid dancer, who dreamed of being a ballerina, when she suddenly began to feel dizzy and was losing consciousness without warning. She was told by her doctor … Continue

  50. Heather and Nala

    Heather’s medical condition forced her to make the difficult decision to leave her job as a dental hygienist. Then she began to stay home during family vacations because she found it difficult to deal … Continue

  51. Sarah and Bow

    Hailing from Ohio, this incredibly bright young woman is a four time cancer survivor who has struggled with chronic medical conditions, including seizures, since the age of 4. Sarah waited for two years until … Continue

  52. Jon and Peco

    Jon’s mother commented in the application that “Jon seeks out the dogs in our neighborhood first, before any other person, as a playmate.” With this in mind, it made sense that a home … Continue

  53. Kevin and Schmoo

    Kevin is a wonderful young man who described himself at our interview as funny, loud and singing – his parents added that he is compassionate and silly and loves to play ball. Because … Continue

  54. Rebecca and Duff

    We all celebrated when Rebecca graduated with Hagley this past summer –tragically they only shared 3 months before Hagley unexpectedly passed away. But even that short time together had a powerful impact on Rebecca; … Continue

  55. David and Caicos

    Keri, David’s mom, shared that he always seems to come out of his shell and talk more when animals are around. Caicos was partnered with David because she was a calm dog that … Continue

  56. Tracy and Reggie

    Tracy came to CPL for a successor home companion dog after her Maggie Mae passed away over three years ago. To quote Tracy from her application “I now stay home most of the … Continue

  57. Ian and Buttons

    When Ian came to CPL for a home companion dog, he told us he would like a dog to play chase and to play ball with him. Ian’s parents hoped that a dog … Continue

  58. Francesca and Flipper

    When Francesca’s parents heard that dogs can sometimes alert to seizures, they realized that a home companion dog might be able to fill multiple needs for their daughter. In addition to hoping that her … Continue

  59. Samuel and Amanda

    Sam and his parents came to CPL to get a dog that could help him with his motor skills in a fun interactive way. And of course everything is more fun to do … Continue

  60. Zach and Kelev

    At Zach’s interview he told us he really liked dogs and he thought it would be a good idea for him to have one to be his companion and friend. Zach doesn’t like … Continue

  61. Ed and Cinder

    Ed came to CPL with disabilities which cause fatigue and pain. He needed a partner to help with everyday tasks to reduce the toll that basic activities like walking were taking on his … Continue

  62. Robert and Barlo

    Dog training takes a lot of persistence and determination and Bob has a lot of that. He has worked hard to build a strong, loving relationship with his new partner Barlo. Bob has … Continue

  63. Susan and Mina

    Sue comes to us with experience in the service dog industry. Her husband Lee was partnered with CPL service dog, Usul, a long while ago and they are still working strong. But even … Continue

  64. Judy and Tia

    Judy came to us frustrated that a neurological disorder had taken so much from her life. On day one of Team Training, her walker was put away and wasn’t seen again. At first … Continue

  65. Jennifer and Clovis

    We will always think of them as “Giggles and Wiggles” – a well deserved nickname because on day one, as Jennifer was learning to harness her dog, she began to giggle and as … Continue

  66. Ed and Alepo

    Ed has been a part of the CPL family for many years through his beloved home companion dog, Charity. When Charity passed away, Ed decided that he needed to make the move into … Continue

  67. Jessica and Shawnee

    What a pair of beautiful young ladies! Jessica traveled the furthest in this class having come from Texas to be partnered with Shawnee– even more impressive is that this was … Continue

  68. Tina and Clifford

    What a fun team to work with and get to know.  Tina is a natural dog trainer. She even self-trained her first service dog, so she knows the independence and … Continue

  69. Amy and Magee

    Amy and her CPL partner, Magee

    Amy returned to CPL after having shared a wonderful partnership with her first CPL service dog, Kia. She experienced a lot of anxiety after making the decision to come back … Continue

  70. Dylan and Joey

    Dylan and his CPL partner, Joey

    Dylan, who hails from New York, REALLY wanted a poodle. He is now a proud partner with Joey, the only poodle in the summer 2011 Class. They were a great … Continue

  71. Ed and Arnie

    Photo of Ed and his CPL partner, Arnie

    It is difficult to know where to start when writing about this partnership – there is just no way to describe the dedication, motivation and comic relief that they share … Continue

  72. Joretta and Atco

    Photo of Joretta and her CPL partner, Atco

    Joretta entered training with boundless enthusiasm, unending hope, and is one of the kindest spirits we’ve ever encountered. From the moment she and Atco met, they were inseparable. Joretta has … Continue

  73. Shannon and Clover

    Photo of Shannon and her CPL partner, Clover

    If her mom hadn’t assured us that it was true, we never would have guessed that Shannon had no experience with dogs prior to team training. Quite to our surprise, … Continue

  74. Suzanne and Brianna

    As an artist, retired dentist and mother of two, Suzanne has traveled the globe and wasn’t content to sit on the sidelines of life. Recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Suzanne … Continue

  75. Sherie and Jelly

    Photo of Sherie and her CPL partner, Jelly

    Sherie came to CPL looking a bit tentative and cautious – not what we expected from a seasoned military veteran!  Sherie served in the US Army for nine years before … Continue

  76. Ava and Bojangles

    Photo of Ava sitting with her mom, brother, and companion, BoJangles

    When Ava and her mom arrived for their interview at CPL her mom was hoping that we would be able to find her a wonderful companion who would also alert … Continue

  77. Charles and Andi

    Charles and his companion, Andi

    When this family came to CPL for Charlie’s interview, his mom and dad hoped to find a special friend for Charlie. Charlie is one in a set of triplets. He … Continue

  78. Camryn and Violet

    Photo of Camryn and her companion, Violet

    Camryn’s parents read an article about CPL’s home companion dog program and it struck a chord with them. Their daughter loved animals, dogs in particular — and they were looking … Continue

  79. Mark and Mandy

    Photo of Mark and his companion, Mandy

    Originally, Mark applied to CPL for a service dog. When he realized that his physical condition would not allow him to participate in the three weeks of team training (required … Continue

  80. Slah-Eddine and Andre

    Slah-Eddine and his companion, Andre

    Slah-Eddine, aka Dean, his mother and brother came to CPL hoping to find a friend for Dean. His mom was hoping that a dog would allow Dean to be less … Continue

  81. Marla and Sadiedog

    Photo of Marla and her companion, Sadiedog

    Marla applied to CPL for a successor home companion dog after having had her first CPL home companion dog Skipper for many years. She knew what a difference Skipper had … Continue

  82. Drew and Rosie

    Photo of Drew and his companion, Rosie

    When Drew and his family arrived at CPL for his interview Drew was quick to tell us he wanted a dog that he could run with, go swimming, play ball … Continue

  83. Matthew and Stockard

    Photo of Matthew and companion, Stockard

    Matt’s parents had done a lot of research on dogs and the benefits of their interaction with children before they arrived at CPL for his interview. They felt that incorporating … Continue