Strategic Plan

Since our founding in 1989, Canine Partners for Life (CPL) has professionally trained, provided, and supported service and companion dogs for individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities. Our small but highly-skilled and dedicated staff, along with a large and enthusiastic community of volunteers, has earned us recognition as a leader in the service dog industry.

CPL’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers have identified several key strategic initiatives to explore and/or implement within the next three years, 2019–2022. Below are the goals we have outlined for year 1 of a 3 year strategic plan.

Goal 1: We will continue to provide and train in accordance with national industry standards high quality service and companion dogs to best meet the individual needs of each recipient.

We plan to achieve this goal by supporting growth of our breeding program, effectively managing and supporting both community puppy homes and prison puppy programs, expanding the training of home companion dogs to include specialized skills and improving outreach and enhancing support efforts to all CPL graduates. Along with these key objectives, we are continually collecting and analyzing data to identify areas in need of improvement.

Goal 2: CPL will have the human, financial, and physical resources it needs to continue its role as a national leader among service dog organizations.

We plan to achieve this goal by establishing new partnerships/relationships with individuals, organizations, foundations and the community at large. We will also increase our outreach to a more diverse audience, increase awareness of support through estate planning, cultivate existing partnerships, identify and implement new fundraising methods, and secure the funds needed to construct a new training center!

Goal 3: Increase marketing efforts, community awareness, stakeholder engagement and education opportunities relating to our programs and the service dog industry.

We plan to achieve this goal by educating and increasing public awareness on the misrepresentation of pets as service dogs, monitoring potential legislation related to fake service dogs, expanding and strengthening the CPL brand and increasing our exposure in the community.

Goal 4: CPL’s Board of Directors and staff will collaborate to ensure the success and effectiveness of its programs and operations through strong, caring and engaged leadership.

We plan to achieve this goal by recruiting and retaining Board members with diverse skills, expanding the Board’s knowledge on topics affecting non-profits and the service dog industry, and developing a leadership succession plan for the Board.