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Senior management meets regularly to discuss and review the waitlist and other factors to evaluate whether it can be reopened. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the front desk at 610-869-4902 and press 0. For a list of other assistance dog organizations check the ADI website:

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CPL dogs come from several sources — our own in-house breeding program and ADI North America Breeding Cooperative, donated puppies from responsible breeders, and occasionally from shelters or rescues. CPL often incorporates Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, poodles, and labradoodles in the service dog program, though we work with a wide variety of breeds.

In order for a CPL dog to go through the full training program, they must be innately physically sound, temperamentally stable, and happy working partners. Great care is taken to select only the most appropriate dogs for this level of work. Breeders may inquire about donating puppies for the service training program by contacting us using the online form.

CPL has a graduate support program for all clients who have graduated from our program. We do not train or provide support for privately trained dogs or those from other organizations.

Yes, we hold regular community events! Please check our Events page to see what’s coming up next on our calendar. We also recommend subscribing to our newsletter and following our social media pages to be notified about upcoming events.

CPL dogs and services are offered at no cost. We ask only that our recipients support the organization in a way that is meaningful to them. When matched with a service dog, recipients are required to attend an onsite 2 ½ week training program at the CPL campus in Cochranville, PA. Therefore, there may be some associated travel expenses to consider for non-local recipients. The cost to train, match, and provide life-long support to a service or companion dog team exceeds $32,000.

The first step is to submit an application. Once we receive your application, it is reviewed by our training staff, and an in-person interview may be scheduled. After the interview, if our training staff feel we can train a dog to support your needs, you will be placed on our waiting list.

The waiting list for service dogs is currently closed, however, for those on the waitlist, it is approximately a 3-5 year wait. The current wait time for a home companion dog is approximately 2-3 years.

We do not train personal pets. Our dogs are selected carefully for the physical and behavioral traits necessary to be a successful service dog, and then go through a two-year training program before being matched to their future partner. You can research other organizations that will work with personal pets through Assistance Dogs International (

The best place to start your search is through Assistance Dogs International ( Assistance Dogs International is a coalition of accredited service and guide dog organizations from all across the world. We always recommend working with an accredited program!

We enjoy providing educational presentations and service dog demonstrations for schools, disability support groups, senior centers, corporations, Rotary clubs, and many other groups. If you would like to invite a representative to speak to your group, please download and fill out the demonstration request form. Forms can be sent via email to Amanda Walton, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, at

Canine Partners for Life is committed to providing lifelong support and ongoing follow-up to service dogs and their recipients, as the ongoing partnership with a service or companion dog is an evolving relationship. CPL offers graduate support classes each month both on campus and online by Zoom. The classes are led by our training staff and offer the opportunity for teams to practice their skills and share with other graduates.