On Sunday, June 24, 3 full service, 3 home companion, and 1 courthouse companion team graduated from Canine Partners for Life. We held a ceremony to celebrate our newest teams and honor all the volunteers and donors who helped make these partnerships possible. Our guests shed tears of joy as each graduate expressed their gratitude and shared how their canine partner has already given them more confidence and the ability to complete tasks without the assistance of others.

Tara is able to walk without her cane now that she has Lucee by her side.

Denali began alerting to Molly’s cardiac episodes on the first day of Team Training, giving her advance warning so she doesn’t loose consciousness.

Aggie provides companionship to David and sleeps with him every night which reduces David’s anxiety.

These are just a few examples of how these dogs have already begun to impact the lives of their new partners. We look forward to continuing to support these new partnerships and can’t wait to celebrate all they are able to accomplish over the next several years. Congratulations Summer Class of 2018!