Over the past few months, our normally quiet campus has been filled with construction workers, heavy equipment, trucks, and mounds of dirt. Construction is well underway on the old office building which will become the new Marian S. Ware Program Services Center.

With all staff currently working in temporary office trailers, construction has been moving rapidly on the old office building! Crews have been busy removing walls, doors, and windows and have completed demolition on that building. The crews are now focused on rough framing the interior and wiring the new electric. As progress on the interior of the building continues, excavating crews have been busy working on the land surrounding the building and have dug the basement for the new 8,000 sq. ft. addition. The addition will house extra office space, conference rooms, and a much larger and improved harness shop. Construction is ahead of schedule and we expect the building to be completed by the end of this year!

This construction is part of the Partnership for Independence Campaign, an $8.5 million capital initiative to create facilities which are safe, accessible, appropriately sized, and respectful of the needs of the population of people we serve. We continue our intense fundraising effort to secure the remaining $3 million to begin phase two of the construction project: building a completely new Training Center. To learn more please visit www.k94life.org/campaign or contact Daniel, Director of Development, at dsmith@k94life.org.