The CPL dogs and puppies have spoken! They are bringing back Dog’s Day Off – a campaign to raise money for CPL and give our hard-working dogs a dream day off.

CPL service and companion dogs have a special job. They spend their days helping individuals with disabilities live a more independent life. Our dogs love their jobs and although they get playtime every day, who wouldn’t want an entire day off to lounge in the sun, chew a good bone, and play with their friends?

The CPL dogs and puppies put their heads together and created pages on Each dog/puppy wrote a letter describing how they help their partner on a daily basis and what they would do if they had their dream day off! YOU can help these dogs earn their dream day off by visiting the various pages, finding a dog’s story that speaks to you, and making a contribution to help that dog reach their fundraising goal and earn their dream day off.

All proceeds from the Dog’s Day Off campaign benefit CPL so not only will your gift make a dream day off possible for one special dog, you will help provide independence to another individual in need.