Due to the length of our waitlist and the many challenges and restrictions related to COVID-19, CPL has made the difficult decision to temporarily close our waitlist to new full service and alert dog applicants.

The pandemic has affected many aspects of our operations, including our ability to breed and procure dogs for our program, ultimately impacting the number of dogs being placed in the foreseeable future. While we are implementing a plan to bring more dogs into the program, we still need to allow time for proper training and evaluations to take place.

So with regard for our Core Values, and taking into consideration that our current waiting list is at an all-time high, we feel it is unfair to prospective applicants to keep enrollment open at this time and continue to accept applications. We will of course continue to support and service the applicants who are currently on our waiting list and we also remain committed to our graduates so applications for successor dogs will be processed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.