Partnership for Independence - CPL

For the last several years, CPL has been in the quiet phase of an $8.5 million capital campaign, The Partnership for Independence Campaign. This campaign is a major strategic objective as we work to create facilities which are safe, accessible, appropriately sized, and respectful of the needs of the population of people we serve. The Partnership for Independence Campaign has two phases and we are proud to announce that as of February 2017, we have raised more than $5.4 million! We broke ground on phase one, the Marian S. Ware Program Services Center, in March.

The Marian S. Ware Program Services Center

The Marian S. Ware Program Services Center will become the hub of CPL’s program activities; housing all staff (except kennel staff), a larger/improved harness shop, interview rooms for both applicant and volunteer interviews, multiple accessible restrooms, and multiple accessible entrances/exits.  In addition, there will be ample volunteer work stations and meeting spaces. The efficiency of the building will increase exponentially and the design will cater to our clients who utilize wheelchairs and scooters.

Mollie and Minor Barringer Training Center

When phase one is complete, and the remaining portion of the funding has been secured, we will begin phase two of the campaign, which will construct a brand new Training Center.

Mary and Libby Barringer shared, “Our parents loved dogs, especially Labs, for their friendly disposition and their intelligence. When they learned of the work of CPL, they were captivated by the idea that these qualities could serve to increase people’s independence and activity – states of being in the world that they valued highly. This use of an animal’s native abilities and bond to humans seemed to them an inspired partnership. After Mom died in 2012, CPL became even more important to our father – as a reminder of their shared passion, but also as a fascinating topic and a comforting link to the animal world. He treasured his “socialization” visits from puppies, and followed closely the ongoing research into the origins, nature, and uses of canine intelligence. He was proud to support the mission of CPL and in particular the work of training these amazing dogs for their work with their human partners.”

With a rapidly growing waiting list and more graduate support services required by our ever-expanding number of graduates nationwide, our facilities are hindering the safety and quality of services we can provide to a fragile population of people who have very specific and detailed needs. As our graduates return to the organization for successor dogs, they are always moved to the top of our waiting list, causing new applicants to be faced with waits of up to five years to receive a dog. Our facility cannot support further growth to meet the needs of our clients until we address critical facility improvements and expansion.

We are thrilled to expand our facilities to better address the needs of our clients and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey! You can track our progress through this webpage or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to Canine Partners for Life’s exciting future!

Gallery Partnership for Independence Case for Support

The Partnership for Independence Campaign Cabinet

Dr. Richard Beeman and Ms. Mary Cahill
Mr. Michael Martin and Dr. Margaretta Frederick
Mr. Irving R. Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Gorton
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hayward, III
Mrs. C. Victoria Kitchell
Ms. Diana W. Maxmin
Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. David Twing
Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun W. Wick

CPL thanks its lead donors to the Partnership for Independence Campaign:

Mollie and Minor Barringer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerret van S. Copeland
Marilyn Ware of ‘The Woods’ Charitable Foundation
The Estate of Lisa Moseley
The Longwood Foundation
Crystal Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David Twing
Mrs. C. Victoria Kitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Reese
Marian S. Ware Fund
The Estate of Rosalind Schwebel
Mrs. June Robbins
The 25th Century Foundation
Mr. Irving Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Minnis
Novo Nordisk
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Frederick, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara Burkhardt
Marmot Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Butters
Renée and Bill Lickle
The Philadelphia Foundation
Miss Tillie Page Laird
Dr. Margaretta Frederick and Mr. Michael Martin
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ruliph M. Carpenter, III
Mrs. Margaretta K. Stabler
Linda and Michael Dzuba
Mrs. Georgina M. Bissell
Dr. Mary Bryant
Grafton and Deenie Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Madden
The Carpenter Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cramer
Ms. Rebecca Frederick and Ms. Trina Tjersland
Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Gorton
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre duPont Hayward
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Hollin
Mr. and Mrs. Hallet H. Lamm, Jr.
Manfredi’s Cold Storage and Distribution
Mr. Don Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Osbun, Jr.
Daniel P. Smith and Anthony M. Condoluci
Erin O’Brien and Fred Stout, Jr.
Ms. Janet Cooper
Herman O. West Foundation
Ms. Alexandra Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Corey A. Case
Mr. and Mrs. Ford B. Draper, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Polywacz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Schwartz
Ms. Jessalyn Cool
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Gorton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kimmel
Mrs. Sadie Brommer
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall
Kevin and Christie Crossman
Mr. John E. Freemann
Mr. James D. Shanta

List current as of March 24, 2017.