Partnership for Independence - CPL

Canine Partners for Life is proud to announce the completion of phase one of The Partnership for Independence Campaign! This first phase included all site work in preparation of building both the Marian S. Ware Program Services Center and the Mollie and Minor Barringer Training Center. Retention basins were built in support of the land development plan, new roadways were paved to allow for a better traffic flow, and several new parking areas were created which included additional handicapped parking spaces. Phase one also included a complete renovation of our old office building and construction of a new 8,000 square foot wing that includes an upper and lower terrace level.

The Marian S. Ware Program Services Center

The Marian S. Ware Program Services Center was efficiently constructed in just over 8 months. After breaking ground in March 2017, the staff successfully moved in on November 13, 2017. Additional office space provides for greater efficiency, private meeting rooms allow staff and clients a comfortable space to have personal conversations, a new whelping area provides a safe environment for puppies to be born and cared for, and additional handicapped restrooms are just a few of the improvements that now enhance CPL’s ability to better serve individuals who benefit from the assistance and companionship of a canine partner.

The building is equipped with new efficient lighting and heating systems, state of the art fire and safety security systems and is also fully handicapped accessible. Durable materials were selected for construction and the design and layout of the building allows for future growth. Plans to add a new elevator system are also underway with that construction expected to begin this summer.

Mollie and Minor Barringer Training Center

With phase one complete CPL is actively moving forward with phase two of the campaign which will construct a brand new Training Center. This building will include a mock apartment to train and practice service skills to assist with daily living activities, an industrial sized kitchen to support special activities and events, additional handicapped restrooms (one with an adult changing station), and a huge new training room, the Gerret and Tatiana Copeland Education Hall, with plenty of natural light that will provide efficient space for group training sessions.

Mary and Libby Barringer shared, “Our parents loved dogs, especially Labs, for their friendly disposition and their intelligence. When they learned of the work of CPL, they were captivated by the idea that these qualities could serve to increase people’s independence and activity – states of being in the world that they valued highly. This use of an animal’s native abilities and bond to humans seemed to them an inspired partnership. After Mom died in 2012, CPL became even more important to our father – as a reminder of their shared passion, but also as a fascinating topic and a comforting link to the animal world. He treasured his “socialization” visits from puppies, and followed closely the ongoing research into the origins, nature, and uses of canine intelligence. He was proud to support the mission of CPL and in particular the work of training these amazing dogs for their work with their human partners.”

The awareness of how service dogs can assist individuals with disabilities continues to grow and Canine Partners is proud to be a leader in this specialized industry. We continually work to improve our services and we are thrilled with the opportunity to expand our facilities to better address the needs of our clients. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey! You can track our progress through this webpage or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to Canine Partners for Life’s exciting future!

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