Graduate Support Classes

Graduate Support Classes run approximately two hours, typically 2–4pm EST. Hours may vary on field trips, special events, and Team Training days. Attendance at one or more of the designated days of Team Training will receive Graduate Support Class credit. A full day of Team Training is equivalent to two credits, and a half day is equivalent to one credit. Sessions during Team Training that are open for graduate attendance will be announced as we finalize the Team Training schedules. You must RSVP to any Team Training days you would like to attend.

To sign up for one of the classes below, please call Christina Billy, Graduate Support Coordinator, at 610–869-4902 x212 or email by the Wednesday before the class you plan to attend. If Christina is not available at the time of your call, please leave a message.

Graduate Support Class Schedule for 2022


  • Friday, January 21 at CPL
  • Sunday, January 23 at Delaware Art Museum


  • Friday, February 25 at CPL
  • Sunday, February 27 at Brandywine Regal


  • Friday, March 11 on Zoom
  • Tuesday, March 29 at Harrisburg International Airport


  • Friday, April 8 at CPL


  • Saturday, May 14, 2nd Annual Field Day at CPL


  • Summer Team Training (Dates TBD)


  • Friday, July 1 at Wilmington Blue Rocks
  • Sunday, July 31 at CPL


  • Friday, August 12 on Zoom
  • Sunday, August 14 on Zoom


  • Friday, September 16, 1st Annual Graduate Picnic
  • Saturday, September 17, CPL Fall Festival and Cow Bingo


  • Fall Team Training (Dates TBD)


  • Friday, November 18 at CPL
  • Sunday, November 20 on Zoom


  • Friday, December 2 in Philadelphia, PA

This schedule is subject to change and announcements will be made via Mailchimp. Attendees are responsible for notifying CPL when they plan to come. CPL will notify anyone signed up to attend if there are changes or cancellations. We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!