Team Training

Once the dog and applicant have been matched, and the dog’s training is complete, the applicant then enters team training with six to eight other teams. This two-and-a-half week program is designed to teach the student and dog to work as a team. CPL also teaches the student the essentials of dog care and service dog etiquette in addition to the legalities involved with service dog ownership.

The students are required to spend the two-and-a-half weeks either in a local hotel at their expense or in volunteer housing if available. The typical training day includes lectures, obedience classes and field trips into local shopping areas, museums, towns, etc and usually runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Training is held on weekends. Team training culminates with a certification evaluation and a graduation ceremony.  An extensive follow-up program will continue to monitor and evaluate a team’s abilities and needs throughout the entire working relationship.