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woman with his service dog


Ava and Bojangles

February 01, 2024

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When Ava and her mom arrived for their interview at CPL her mom was hoping that we would be able to find her a wonderful companion who would also alert to seizures. Ava had a very rough start in life and deserved to have something very special and positive. CPL began the search for the special dog that would match Ava’s needs, but as we were looking the good news came that seizure alert was no longer needed — the seizures had

stopped! So the search continued for a very special companion and along came Bojangles, a very sweet and gentle guy. He was carefully evaluated and matched Ava’s needs well. He joined Ava’s family as her companion. According to her mom, Bo’s adjustment was an easy one as he was well behaved with a great personality and had good obedience. We understand that each day when Ava arrives home from school Bo is waiting for her with a big kiss and Ava looks forward to it. Bo has made a positive difference in Ava’s life.