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woman with his service dog


Damian and Terry

February 01, 2024

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We are proud of every CPL graduate – of every person who is determined to change their lives for the better with the help of a CPL dog. But, every now and then someone comes along who leaves an indelible impression – and Damian is one of those people. What he lacks in physical strength – he excels in perseverance, determination, and technique. Damian was physically exhausted by Team Training, and still he gave all he had every day. His classmates (and trainers) watched in amazement as he bonded with Terry. She is his fourth service dog. His last one, Ben, died unexpectedly this past year. Putting his grief aside, Damian knew he wanted to get another canine partner. Damian is very experienced working with a service dog so it wasn’t long before Terry began to realize that listening to him could actually be pretty exciting and challenging. This super smart and creative dog began to see where she could help – and learned how Damian needed to communicate with her. They have future goals to take a trip to Las Vegas and a cruise to Alaska. For now, Terry will help Damian continue working and achieving his professional and personal life goals.