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Danielle and Rollo

February 01, 2024

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As CPL’s first student with narcolepsy and cataplexy, Danielle realized that we would be learning as much from her as she was from us. Danielle came into Team Training wearing this year’s volunteer T-shirt featuring Rollo, ‘her boy,’ on the front. Rollo’s steady pull and assistance with providing stability have enabled Danielle to walk further than she has in years – she was amazed that they could walk the entire Philadelphia Zoo, the Exton Mall, and around Center City, Philadelphia for Team Training. At Longwood Gardens, Rollo alerted Danielle to an upcoming cataplexy episode and she listened by sitting down and resting until was okay to walk again. She’s felt a huge improvement in her stamina and ability to be active for a longer portion of each day. These two absolutely adore each other. Danielle and Rollo are now back in Georgia for their senior year of high school and what is sure to be an exciting future.