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woman with his service dog


Darlene and Cal

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CPL’s Executive Director and Founder, Darlene Sullivan, found herself in a tragic and unexpected place when her service dog, Ripley, passed away very quickly. At the same time she was dealing with that terrible loss, Darlene also knew she had to find a successor dog to help her deal with her disabilities. After working with a number of dogs in training at CPL, Darlene chose Cal. Ripley’s and Cal’s personalities were as opposite as night and day, but Darlene knew that there was a fantastic dog in Cal just waiting for the right partner, and she set out on the journey to begin this new partnership. Darlene participated in all phases of Team Training, engaging wholeheartedly in the entire process. It was an emotional moment for everyone at graduation when Darlene and Cal were officially recognized as a working team. The sky is truly the limit for these two.