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woman with his service dog


Drew and Rosie

February 01, 2024

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When Drew and his family arrived at CPL for his interview Drew was quick to tell us he wanted a dog that he could run with, go swimming, play ball and Frisbee with. Hiking together was also in the plans! He told us that whenever he is with a dog it makes him feel happy—so a home companion dog seemed like it would be a wonderful addition to his life. Rosie was selected for Drew because she’s a very active young lady. The entire family feels Rosie is an “awesome” dog—every one totally trusts her; even the young children in the family who would never get close to a dog before. She has a built a relationship with the entire family and greets every one of them in a special way. She loves to play and it takes the whole family to keep her busy (not that anyone minds!) For Drew, Rosie is so special because with her he tends to “soften”. His mom explained to us that Drew is intent on his own mission, but where Rosie is concerned he melts with Rosie’s sweetness. Now that he is ten, his parents have given Drew permission to take Rosie for walks in the neighborhood by himself – giving him some independence. Without Rosie, they wouldn’t have allowed him to do this nor would Drew have been interested in walking by himself. When they go for walks, both Drew and Rosie hold their heads up high with pride.