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woman with his service dog


Dylan and Joey

February 01, 2024

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Dylan, who hails from New York, REALLY wanted a poodle. He is now a proud partner with Joey, the only poodle in the summer 2011 Class. They were a great match from the beginning, coming to class each day with a sense of humor and the determination to face their substantial challenges head-on.

Dylan is 31 years old and lives with his mother and step-father in Huntington Station,NY. He was born with spina bifida and is paralyzed from his waist down. Joey now helps Dylan in a million ways; assisting with shopping, opening and closing doors, going up and down curbs and the retrieval of objects to name just a few.

Dylan and Joey are going to be fun to watch, and we have a feeling that they have only just started their great adventures together. We hear that Joey loves music (that’s Dylan’s passion) and classic rock concerts are certainly in their future.