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woman with his service dog


Emily and Sundance

February 01, 2024

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Emily was a twelve year old avid dancer, who dreamed of being a ballerina, when she suddenly began to feel dizzy and was losing consciousness without warning. She was told by her doctor that she would have to stop doing the things she loved – that even going to school or being with friends could often be too physically taxing for her. Now eighteen, she came to CPL determined to have a dog alert her to her cardiac episodes – to help reduce her physical exertion so that she could do more and live life more fully. By reducing Emily’s physical exertion and alerting to the events, the severity of the cardiac episodes has been reduced and Sundance has given Emily her life back. They are on track to finish Emily’s senior year of high school and then have plans to prepare for college. The possibilities are endless for this wonderful team.