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woman with his service dog


Gina and Muzzy

February 01, 2024

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Gina came to CPL with the myriad of physical challenges, ranging from seizures to dizzy spells, balance problems, fatigue and pain. Luckily she found CPL (and Muzzy). When you work with Gina you sense energy and activity – she’s a woman who loves to be physically active. Gina owns her own martial arts school in Virginia and in fact used to be a world-class competitor prior to becoming ill. Since then she’s been unable to perform many basic life and work tasks. Post Team Training, Gina expressed hope and excitement for what the future holds. Muzzy is a yellow bundle of energy and drive – the epitome of what Gina wants to be again. Gina learned early on to listen to Muzzy’s signals, thus managing the episodes of sudden blood pressure drops and avoiding potential falls. They head home to enjoy more activities at work, and at home and to share their independence and newfound confidence with Gina’s family and community.