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woman with his service dog


Hannah and Saffron

February 01, 2024

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Hannah came to us very clear with her goals. She wanted to complete her dietitian’s degree at West Chester University and she was going to need help to get around the larger college campus. Muscular Dystrophy had made it tough to walk and  this would be her first opportunity to live away from home. Hannah has natural dog training abilities. She’s positive and fair and knows how to break down a difficult task into smaller more manageable parts. Saffron is one of the happiest dogs on the planet and she worked hard to figure out where her partner needs from her. Hannah has learned to harness Saffron’s enthusiasm and use it to her advantage.  She commented early on that she hoped Saffron would improve her confidence and each goal they’ve accomplished has done that. They are headed on to independent college life and we hope to see a lot of them in the future.