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woman with his service dog


Hunter and Argos

February 01, 2024

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Hunter is the youngest student we’ve had at CPL for quite a while. Like Danielle, he hails from Georgia. At the welcome dinner, Hunter sat on the floor getting to know his new canine partner, Argos. That affection earned him the love of his partner and they charged into Team Training excited to take on the challenges the three weeks would bring.  Argos began alerting to seizures from one of the first nights, quickly finding Hunter’s mom to let her know there was a problem. Soon she was commenting that she can now  sleep easier because she knows if something is wrong, Argos will wake her up. It’s an amazingly upbeat, responsible and mature young man who heads home to school with his new partner. One of the driving forces behind Hunter wanting a service dog is so his mother could sleep through the night. That goal has already been met, with the help of Argos.