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woman with his service dog


Jackie and Wallace

February 01, 2024

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Jackie was described by one of CPL’s staff as the most positive, enthusiastic, and gracious student of all time.  Another commented that every time she saw Jackie she was literally beaming at Wallace and chatting away, telling him how handsome and special he was.  This is who Jackie is – her essence.  She told CPL staff members that she was honored to be accepted into our program. A phenomenal writer, Jackie’s Team Training journal entries reflected her joy as she looked forward to a future with Wallace. But they also expressed the challenges and prejudices that she has faced when people see her helmet and assume that she is not intelligent,  a hard bias to face as a brilliant former Spanish teacher and textbook author.  She embraced the learning experience of Team Training with enthusiasm and laughter – thanking Wallace for his patience with her as she’s learned the sequences to complicated skills.  Every day she looked thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Wallace, to learn something new, to take a field trip into the real world.  Having been isolated in her home, afraid to cross her own street to get to the mailbox – going to the grocery store, taking the train, visiting Longwood Gardens were all an adventure for Jackie with Wallace by her side.  The field trips weren’t easy of course, but they were exciting challenges to embrace and conquer.  Her laughter throughout the training and her excitement helped to energize the entire group.  Wallace loves his new home in New Hampshire but even more he basks in the adoration, love and appreciation that his new partner showers on him.  As Jackie’s partner he helps her fulfill her most important goal – to be able to continue living in the home that she loves and not be forced to move into assisted living.