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woman with his service dog


Jeffrey and Garnet

February 01, 2024

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Jeffrey comes to us from Philadelphia, where he lives in his own apartment. Initially he was serious and quiet, but gradually, over the course of the three-week Team Training, we began to see the magic of unconditional love at work as Jeffrey and Garnet bonded. Ensuring that he was holding both the leash and the handle, keeping Garnet on his left side, remembering the many commands in the order in which to give them, were all tough at first. Then he had to learn to work the clicker to reward his dog, plus reach into the treat pouch to give a treat for any skill well done. But as each day finished, Jeffrey and Garnet moved one step closer to becoming a team. He began to get to know his gentle partner and the things that made her happy. She loves water and her ball and is even learning to chase a frisbee. Jeffrey is glad he has someone to share his life, and someone to tell him when the seizures are coming so that he no longer has to say going to the doctor’s is one of his hobbies.