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woman with his service dog


Kristopher and Gus

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Gus is a big black Labrador with a very sweet and playful nature which makes him a perfect fit for Kris. Kris lives in upstate New York. He  enjoys spending time with his friends and going for walks but frequent seizures have limited his activities. Gus will not only provide service dog skills but will also alert to upcoming seizures, allowing Kris to take precautions to limit potential injury. From the very beginning of their partnership, Gus began alerting Kris. At one point during Team Training this fall, Gus refused to follow the most  basic of commands, refusing to leave Kris’ side. Kris eventually realized what was happening and  that Gus was alert. Gradually Kris began to better understand what Gus was trying to tell him and to listen and  trust his new partner. This team is already getting stronger and stronger.  Best of all, Kris has a great smile and sense of humor, and so does Gus!