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Krystaleve and Junior

February 01, 2024

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This is Krystaleve’s third Team Training at CPL-she had beautiful partnerships with both Chester and Rikki and knows the importance of being part of a team. Although she has enjoyed the independence that her dogs have given her over the years, when it was time for Rikki to retire, Krystaleve knew that she had earned the right to relax on the sofa. Krystaleve was smart as she planned, arranged cars, attendance, utilized our interns, and made use of the wheelchair so that she could maximize the learning experience and not use all for her energy for walking. She learned quickly that Junior is a pretty easy-going guy. They bonded quickly and strongly and he is often seen lying at her feet with his head resting on her foot.

As Krystaleve and Junior  head home to their family and friends,  they will continue to grow even stronger as a team.