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woman with his service dog


Linda and Michael*

February 01, 2024

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Linda returned to CPL for her second service dog, Michael, when Roxy, her CPL partner of 11 years began to slow down. Initially she had thought perhaps that she would just enjoy Roxy’s retirement and not get another service dog. But then, as the time for Roxy to retire approached and the possibility of not being able to stay as active without a service dog by her side (and that she might need to use a cane or wheelchair again)  – she changed her mind. She got the only non-Lab of Fall Team Training 2014. Linda embraced Michael’s doodleness (that would be a Lab crossed with a poodle) – she even bought a brush to keep in her purse to keep him looking beautiful. For the Team Training Halloween Parade Linda dressed him in a Yankee DOODLE Dandee costume.  Michael and Linda bonded quickly and Linda, when she wasn’t petting him, was telling him how wonderful he was. After Team Training, they headed home to a busy life of quilting guilds, church activities, kids, grandkids, gardening, caring for Linda’s mom – and of course making friends with a retired Roxy.