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woman with his service dog


Lori and Echo*

February 01, 2024

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The fact that Lori received her third service dog from Canine Partners for Life in Fall Team Training 2014 was nothing short of a miracle.  The previous year had been a scary one for Lori – she slipped into unconsciousness and the doctors had next to no hope that she would live – everyone was preparing for the worst. Happily this tough, strong lady that we love pulled through against all the odds. When Lori applied for a successor dog she asked for a dog on the smallish side – one that she could fit into tight places easily because her wheelchair takes up so much space.  Echo was selected to be Lori’s new partner.  She had big harnesses to fill – both Fennec and then Tinker had wonderful partnerships with Lori.  They were hard working, creative, and fun service dogs. Echo may be small but she’s got enough energy to run a small city, and she is smart!  Lori is a wonderfully positive dog trainer and Echo quickly learned that her mom would be swift to reward her when she did well.  She learned to bring retrieved items to Lori’s lap and was willing to tackle even the very toughest things that needed to be picked up.  Echo quickly learned to tug Lori’s coat off and flip up the footplates on her wheelchair.  In addition, although it wasn’t on Lori’s list of skills for her dog to have, Echo is alerting Lori to her neurological events which cause dizziness and disorientation. After Team Training, they headed home to Lori’s job as an administrative assistant, motorcycle rides (in the spring – yes, Echo has a sidecar, doggles, and a safety harness) and a renewed excitement to live every minute of life to the fullest – together!