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woman with his service dog


Lucille and Nicole

February 01, 2024

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When Lucille submitted her application for a home companion dog, the very first sentence in her essay read, “It’s hard to write about the joy one gets when being in the company of dogs.”  That sentence spoke volumes about the compassionate, loving nature of Lucille and during her interview Lucille described her ideal dog as one that is happy and fun to be around.  Lucille was looking for companionship and she needed a dog that was already trained and easy to walk.  She also needed a dog that would get along with children and be social with other dogs since Lucille treasures her time with her grandchildren and her grand-dog.   So along came Nicole – a happy dog that loves being with people and who also enjoys playing with other dogs.  Lucille liked the fact that Nicole would follow her around the house and she welcomed Nicole’s need to be petted.  Lucille’s entire family has come to love Nicole.