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woman with his service dog


Lukah and Jasper

February 01, 2024

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Lukah was the youngest student in CPL’s Fall Team Training 2014. She had also come the furthest having traveled from Illinois to be partnered with her new service dog Jasper. She and her dad rolled into town in a van that her friends had decorated with “Jasper Bound” – and paw prints.  They were excited for the independence that Jasper’s alerts were going to give Lukah.  She worked hard to stay positive throughout training and in the process became an excellent dog trainer.From the very start, Lukah listened to Jasper’s alerts, which reduced the length of her blood pressure drops and the frequency of her seizures.  In fact, she hasn’t lost consciousness and passed out since one of those very first days.  The two of them were quick to jump into each Team Training activity, Lukah’s huge smile indicating how happy she was when the two of them were working successfully together.  Just about every day the two of them took a walk down the driveway at CPL.  A great way to de-stress and re-energize focus!  As Lukah headed home to finish high school (she’s hoping to get back into public school itself instead of homebound instruction), and continue her volunteer work with Meals on Wheels. She is hoping to eventually head to college to become a teacher –  no doubt that she’s going to accomplish all of that and so much more with Jasper  by her side!