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woman with his service dog


Makena and Carpenter

February 01, 2024

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At the time of Makena’s interview, she told us that she wanted: a dog that she could train and teach tricks, a dog that she could personally care for – after all, Makena does have an interest in becoming a veterinarian when she gets older, so having a dog just seemed to make sense.  She also needed a special, close friend – one that would help reduce her anxiety and curb her activity level.  So along came Carpenter – a dog with a laid back personality who could appreciate Makena’s energy without reacting to it. Carpenter settled quickly into the home and is happy simply following Makena around.  The family has described Carpenter as a “gentle giant” and a “treasure” although the family’s cats, Jinx and Willow, are still not quite so sure what to think of him. But being the lovable dog that he is, it shouldn’t take long for the cats to accept him as a permanent member of the family.  After all, everyone else has.