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woman with his service dog


Mark and Mandy

February 01, 2024

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Originally, Mark applied to CPL for a service dog. When he realized that his physical condition would not allow him to participate in the three weeks of team training (required to receive a service dog), Mark decided to apply for a home companion dog. He was looking for a dog to give him companionship. His two children were going to college and it would be the first time in nineteen years that he would be home alone. He really wanted a dog ASAP and said he would love for his dog to have retrieval skills but a buddy was what he was really looking for. Mandy was chosen to be partnered for Mark.  She’s a sweet dog, a little shy for a service dog but she had been taught some retrieval skills. We were a bit surprised when Mark told us that Mandy thinks she is a cat (what a disgrace to the canine race. Apparently when she gets excited she rubs against everything – couches, people’s legs – just like a cat! Mark describes Mandy as a “joy and a source of comic relief every day since he got her.” What a great team!