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woman with his service dog


Marla and Sadiedog

February 01, 2024

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Marla applied to CPL for a successor home companion dog after having had her first CPL home companion dog Skipper for many years. She knew what a difference Skipper had made in her life and since he had passed away she found herself slipping backwards – not moving about nearly as much. Marla’s words were that she was “more closeted away” and she was losing touch with her friends and neighbors. With her new companion dog she hopes to participate as a volunteer with a “Read to the Dog”program and provide pet therapy for Hospice visits. Sadie is known in the neighborhood as the “cow dog” because of her “lab talk” when she wants to talk with people she meets. Sadiedog does get Marla out and about just as she hoped her new dog would do. Sadie listens to Taylor, Marla’s granddaughter, read each Saturday and Sunday morning and joins in the evening prayers with them. She does however still need to learn to cross her paws! Sadiedog helps take out the trash, takes clothes to the hamper and even brings one shoe at a time whether they want it or not.  Sadiedog has fit right into Marla’s life as she had hoped.