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woman with his service dog


Matthew and Stockard

February 01, 2024

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Matt’s parents had done a lot of research on dogs and the benefits of their interaction with children before they arrived at CPL for his interview. They felt that incorporating a dog into Matt’s life would help him socially. They envisioned Matt reading to the dog and playing and going for walks. Stockard has been a great addition to Matt’s life. She follows him around the house and it’s become a game as Matt always tries to get her to give him a kiss – he thinks that is hysterical. Stockard goes with Matt to his horseback riding lessons and it has helped Matt focus. He loves to have her at his lessons, watching him. Stockard grew up around a lot of horses, so she has a great appreciation for the equine race. Stockard enjoys being the “entertainer” of the neighborhood, running around the front yard chasing the ball or a Frisbee. Soon the kids from the neighborhood come over to watch, creating wonderful opportunities for friendships to form.