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woman with his service dog


Nikki and Magic*

February 01, 2024

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Nikki returned to CPL for her third service dog during Team Training Fall 2014.  She had long relationships with both her previous CPL service dogs, Ursus and Garver and entered this new partnership with Magic with wonderful enthusiasm. Her first journal entry of Team Training touched everyone as she shared with the group, “I can promise my new partner that I will work hard to make our partnership work and I will give him the support, the love and all he needs to be the best he can be (and then some)!” They sailed through Team Training in a happy, positive and motivated way.  Nikki was very open to sharing her experiences, to counseling her classmates and to embracing this partnership.  Everyone loved how this southern girl talked about her ‘dawg’ – and everyone learned from her and Magic as they worked together to do each task until it was done just right.  It’s the reason why Nikki repeatedly has earned superior ratings on her certification evaluations with her dogs over the years.  She expects the best, and because she is so positive and patient – her canine partners have given it to her. After Team Training, they headed home to playing the French horn in two bands, their knitting community and friends, to Nikki’s precious grand-daughter, to fun times shared with a retired Garver, and to the goal to walk again – they’ve already started taking several steps.