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Sarah and Rosebud

February 01, 2024

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Sarah realized after dealing with a diagnosis of Epilepsy and the resulting seizures, that there was an organization in her backyard that could help.  CPL!

When you’re a college student, dealing with the safety issues relating to seizures can put a real crimp in your style.

It’s hard to explain to the rest of the world how a person who looks so healthy and beautiful– can live their life in constant fear that the next seizure can happen at any time.

That stress and fear creates increases the likelihood of a seizure occurring.  It’s a vicious cycle- you fear having a seizure, that fear causes stress, the stress causes additional seizures.

Enter Rosebud!

Sarah has referred to Rosebud as “me in dog form” – we do say that we match our dogs to their partners in large part based on personality. Rosebud began alerting right away.

During Team Training we all became used to looking across the training room to see Rosebud, with her entire upper body draped across Sarah’s lap.  Her message was, “don’t move until I tell you it’s ok”.  Slowly they became a team, with Rosebud learning to respect her new mom and Sarah learning to make things fun.  They headed back home to college – hoping that soon they’ll be able to live in the dorms and not at home and while Sarah knows that her life has just become more independent and safer she has a few additional goals – like having Rosebud become friends with her hamster Cinderella and she’s REALLY hoping that Rosebud will learn to sleep past 7am!

Sarah and Rosebud have been featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal (9/12/2019)!

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