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woman with his service dog


Shannon and Clover

February 01, 2024

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If her mom hadn’t assured us that it was true, we never would have guessed that Shannon had no experience with dogs prior to team training. Quite to our surprise, she has taken to dog training like a fish to water. The skills, patience, and consistent expectations needed to be a great trainer is inherent in Shannon.

Having had many medical challenges in her life (see page 5 article) Shannon entered team training wearing a helmet to protect her head when she had a cardiac episode and lost consciousness. Three days prior to her graduation, Shannon removed her helmet for the first time in public, and walked confidently with Clover. The freedom from her helmet is nothing short of a miracle for this college sophomore.

Shannon is a determined young woman with a long list of goals. She wants to earn a marketing degree, move into the dorm, and utilize the bus system in her hometown since she can’t drive. She’ll be having Clover deliver her assignments to her professors and plans for the two of them to quickly jump into the world of living independently. We can’t wait to see where they go!