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woman with his service dog


Sherie and Jelly

February 01, 2024

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Sherie came to CPL looking a bit tentative and cautious – not what we expected from a seasoned military veteran!  Sherie served in the US Army for nine years before being injured in a motorcycle accident.  With the onset of Lupus came additional limitations that have kept her from enjoying the outdoor activities that she so enjoyed during her days in the Army.

Once arriving, Sherie quickly connected with Jelly and aggressively focused on learning.  Over the three weeks of team training, Sherie’s ability to listen to Jelly’s seizure alerts gave her confidence and a greater sense of security.

Back in New Jersey, Sherie is moving forward with college tutoring and is now able to interact directly with her students rather than being limited to online communication as she once was.  We thank Sherie for her service to our country and congratulate her on a new future filled with possibilities.