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woman with his service dog


Slah-Eddine and Andre

February 01, 2024

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Slah-Eddine, aka Dean, his mother and brother came to CPL hoping to find a friend for Dean. His mom was hoping that a dog would allow Dean to be less afraid at night and sleep better. She hoped that the dog would be a stabilizing factor for his emotions and provide the unconditional friendship that Dean had always dreamed of. It was a very long wait for the right placement for Dean.

Andre was chosen as it seemed he fit right into Dean’s life. He is a sweet, obedient and loving dog and he has already made big changes in Dean’s life. He makes Dean feel happy when he’s feeling sad, safe at night and is always there for him. Dean treats Andre as though he is Andre’s dad – tucking him in bed at night and taking full responsibility for his care. Dean says he wants to make Andre happy. It looks like there’s a real team effort going on here as these two take care of each other. Dean’s mom tells us that if there is extra money to spend, the family always thinks of things that Andre would enjoy —things to make his life more fun. What a happy pair!