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woman with his service dog


Toni and Bud

February 01, 2024

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Toni was no rookie when she came to CPL. In fact she knew us well having been the support person for CPL graduates Sharon and CW throughout their team training and beyond. She knew the staff, she knew the facility, she knew many of the volunteers – and even many of the lectures. Her new partner, Bud, fell in love with his mom early on – and he successfully convinced her that a Labrador IS a lapdog – and so most days you’d see him with his entire upper body draped across Toni’s lap – looking happy as a clam. They cruised through training well – facing challenges without panic – working on remembering the correct commands and the sequences of those commands which was probably the hardest thing. The trainers noted frequently how proud Toni always seemed when she and Bud completed their skills – they really loved taking on that obstacle course and Toni was positively glowing with pride by the end!